Chicken Math

I do lots more on this farm then raise chickens for eggs and meat but I find the chickens more interesting to photograph than beets or fancy lettuce growing. I love to eat and provide those foods for market customers but when I am tired and feel like I am spinning my wheels I can sit and watch chickens and forget about everything. There is considerable benefit to doing nothing for periods of time I believe that we are not using our full intelligence if we have to consciously figure everything out. Our minds are always working so I say I am taking this problem off let my higher brain functions figure this out. It works so long as you give time for perculation of those ideas. Always being busy or stressed is a huge distraction that leads to ill health and in farming all you have is your health.  dsc_0071

The trouble with watching chickens and caring for chickens is you tend to add a few more believing it will cause negligible increase in workload. Not so as I added 7 more to my flock a month ago. I want to breed my own meat chickens so as to not have to rely on demand outstripping supply on the heritage hybrid Free Ranger “available” nearby but difficult to get or deal with unexplained deaths of Cornish cross commercial birds. I found Grade Eh Farm through an internet search and they shipped me the birds I was looking for to start a breeding flock. They are descendents of a French breed that developed over 500 years of natural and selective breeding. In France they are named after the region they are raised in Poulet De Bresse. The French have a mindful approach to food spending more time eating as a social event and enhancing the natural flavours of food. I am a fan of French cooking though I did not know my French grandfather I imagine his genes influence me greatly. I have great hopes for these chickens and finally got them out on pasture yesterday. I had wanted to get them out at least 2 weeks ago but they are still young and were small enough to fit through the netting. They don’t seem to be holding it against me. I hand fed them crickets that are abundant here and they voraciously gobbled them up. They are in what I have deemed the French Quarter sharing a fence but not a yard with the French Black Copper Marans and in view of the Great White Turkeys. I am at 64 chickens and holding but over loaded with roosters so that will change before the snow flies.



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