Between The Rocks Farm

Recipe for a Farm Start Up Less a farm start up then a farm regenerating scheme. Land was cleared over 150 years ago at least well there remains 8 acres cleared. That surely was the hard part and yet inviting fertility for cultivation seems daunting. Nature’s pace is thoughtful and seemingly slow but we are…

Edgy time of Year

It is that time of year again late winter/early spring when everything seems on the edge of something.

Chicken Math

I do lots more on this farm then raise chickens for eggs and meat but I find the chickens more interesting to photograph than beets or fancy lettuce growing. I love to eat and provide those foods for market customers but when I am tired and feel like I am spinning my wheels I can…

Skinny Pen Chicken

Where does motivation go and what makes it disappear? Chocolate, bread or over-thinking things. The First world problem of choosing to think about doing something instead of just doing it.

Slow Farming

The biggest roadblock to farming on a small-scale mostly by yourself is the hiccups such as this morning I wanted to use the tractor to shunt

Chickens Chickens Everywhere

Free range and free run are not the words to describe the chicken situation at the moment here. We have chicken mania and the numbers are increasing daily. There are 3 types of layers at the moment the white leghorns that live in a winterized coop and have a not electrified net as their fence…