March Sunshine

I am happy to see the sun today March has only just begun but after 4 days of rain and fog the sun is a welcome sight. Winter has been steady and there is still huge mounds of snow despite 3 days of rain and mild temperatures but the corner has been turned. Snow will come but it will not stay and the sun will warm up the soil slowly.
Set up a spot for my seeds to start and forced some bulbs to add a splash of color to life when spring is still far off and I got carried away foraging through the recyclables. I cut up 2l milk cartons lengthwise and fashioned drip catchers out of salad containers. Obsessive is a mild description of how I care for my little vegetable babies. I am still fascinated by the power of a seed and the different needs of each vegetable. Gardening seems limitless when it comes to learning and I have been engaged my whole life so finally taking Master Gardener training seems a natural thing. It should at least make it easier to help people that are beginning to garden. The community garden has been a good place to gather more experience in organic methods and a new season is about to begin I can almost taste those Tante Alice english cucumbers.

Montrealers Cook Up New Ideas at Darling Foundry – Canadian Art.

The Art of the Book

Is procrastination actually a disorder because I honestly believe that I have a serious problem with putting things off to the last minute. A part of me tries to convince myself that it is the caregiver in me the one who takes care of everyone else and therefore doesn’t put myself first. I don’t buy that one all the time only occasionally. A dedicated studio would be fantastic to get art made instead of letting ideas swim around until I deem them unsatisfactory then moving on. I draw, knit, make covers for books that haven’t been made just yet but will be before the end of the week. Being an artist is difficult and takes loads of discipline and resiliency. If I had to name my art practice at this point just 2 and a half years out of school I would say  trying to be an artist. I haven’t written a grant application yet and perhaps some artists never do I have exhibited but not in a juried exhibit I gave up teaching art and now have the time to devote to a practice and still I am slow and indecisive. I am learning to be patient and accepting of

Watercolor drawing

Watercolor drawing

my nature and have faith that I will figure this out and move myself forward faster.

Ice in the harbour for a night.

Ice in the harbour for a night.

I am trying to keep up on this blog but I forget passwords a lot and it can create havoc when I get caught in rabbit hole after rabbit hole then I realize I could be on my blog but I can’t retrieve the password and it is the only one I didn’t put in sticky notes. The latest website I have become enthralled with since getting an android phone the other week is Stumble Upon. As if you can’t lose enough time on the internet and this makes it an exponential loss of productive time. I am very aware  of the time I spend in front of the screen. I could be making something, planning, cooking  or just doing routine maintenance in my house of five. I lived for eight months without a cellphone since moving to Newfoundland. At first I felt vulnerable like the car might break down and what would I do then I got comfortable with not having one and the freedom it allowed. I am away from the family and there is no one to interrupt me time and yet there are friends I had little to no contact with because of the lack of a cellphone I found that the strangest thing.

Since my last p…

Since my last post I’ve moved house, vacationed and volunteered for some fun stuff around town. It is an amazing summer beautiful clear sunny days with just enough breeze. The community garden has exploded and there is always someone to chat to when we drop by to water and weed. I intend to savour these last few weeks of summer by getting a few pieces of cloth dyed and some rustings going. I have accumulated a fair size collection of things since moving to Newfoundland. It is the land of rusty things.Image

Said goodbye

The best cat/dog I ever had the pleasure of knowing

The best cat/dog I ever had the pleasure of knowing

Said goodbye to our himilayan cat last week. I have not had to do anything more difficult emotionally before. I hope the rawness fades but not the funny memories. While scouring the net for a possible answer to his symptoms I discovered he had one undiagnosed condition “Alpha cat syndrome” it’s when a cat doesn’t want to do something or for you to do something so it bites you or scratches you. Sam would bite if you pet him once too many times or if you wanted him to move from a place he wasn’t keen on moving from. He would only do these things if provoked otherwise he was a peaceful companion always up for inspecting your work.


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